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  • You need help with an essay/dissertation/piece of coursework.
  • You need us because you’re…
  • Not sure where to start
  • Worried about looming deadlines
  • Stressed, tired, overworked, and confused
  • Worried about low grades/concerned about doing well
  • English is not your first language

We completely understand the incredible amount of pressure and stress that students are put under to achieve high grades and the number of responsibilities you may have to juggle while studying.

ALL students experience difficulty at one time or another. To guarantee that your investment in your academic career and degree don’t go to waste, you need to make sure that you have all the help and support that you need to complete your college/university assignment successfully and on time.

Our services are here to support you and help you achieve more!

We offer fast, confidential support and help including…

Custom writing services – essays, coursework, presentations, admissions essays etc.

Proofreading, marking, critiquing, editing, and rewriting services.

  • Full or part dissertations
  • Reports, model answer and revision notes

A custom essay is an exact answer to your essay question. You send us the questions—and we send you the answer! You then use the answer to help you with your own research and writing. Or we can help you by writing your full essay. And it’s all done 100% uniquely, just for you. Our prices are not only competitive, but affordable as well, as we now offer the choice to pay in installments! Our experienced team is happy to offer you…

  • Professional phone and email support 7 days a week
  • Work individually checked for quality by qualified QC expert
  • 100% complete satisfaction – guaranteed
  • Free changes if you need them
  • Quality Research if you need it
  • 100% Plagiarism Free—so no worries about getting in trouble, even if your school scans your work.

Our support team are all academics themselves and our business is managed by a team that includes a former professor, a lawyer, and a former Ivy League admissions rep. We really understand your needs. Our company is a well-respected, registered UK/USA company, established in 2002.

Q. When does the guarantee expire? Your guarantee is good for two weeks from when you receive your essay or paper. During this period, you can request any changes that you like. When you order your …

Q. How do I pay and when? Like all orders for goods and services payment must be taken before the order is begun. Payments can be taken through a deposit into our bank account, or through our website using …

Q. Who are you? Our service is an Academic Services Company that provides 100% custom-made study aides for students. We have been trading for 8 years, and have offices in London, England, a …

Q. How does this work? It’s fast, easy, and simple! First, you submit your order to us by simply going to our order page. We then contact our expert writers and researchers, and if we can assist you with …

Q. Your service looks likes it encourages plagiarism – do you? Of course not! All work is our copyright, so cannot be handed in as your own. Not only would this be cheating but it would be a breach of the copyright of our work. Legally, if we…